April 18, 2017

Everyone with an active membership will receive a ballot to vote for our next Party Leader. Ballots will be mailed by April 28th, 2017.

Ballots should arrive over the next several days. 

Voters must provide one or more pieces of identification that will provide one or more pieces of identification that individually or together provide their photo, name, and current address. 

Voters casting their ballots by mail must provide a clear photocopy of identification as follows. 

Any piece of identification accepted by Elections Canada for voter identification during a federal election are acceptable, including: 

  • Health Card Provincial Driver's license Senior's Card Firearms License
  • Student ID Card Permanent Resident Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Drug Card
  • Age of Majority Card

Preferential Ballot Allows More Than One Choice

Your ballot will allow you to choose up to 10 names for Party Leader, beginning with your 1st choice, then 2nd choice, then 3rd choice etc.

You do not need to choose 10. You may choose any number up to 10 from the candidates that you like, but you must choose at least ONE.

If you have listened to the debates, or are familiar with, or agree with what some of the candidates purpose for the future, then make your selection of your 2nd, 3rd, or more candidate choice.

There are 13 strong candidates that have worked hard to present their vision to improve the future of Canada. Your votes will determine who we will have as our next Conservative Party Leader and hopefully our next Prime Minister in 2019.!