November 10, 2023

OTTAWA, ON – The Conservative Party of Canada is pleased to announce Yves Lévesque as the new common sense Conservative candidate for Trois-Rivieres, QC. With almost three decades of service as a Councillor and Mayor of Trois-Rivières, Lévesque is a man of action and economic revival.

“I’m ready to fight for the people of Trois Rivieres by axing the Liberal carbon tax, capping wasteful government spending, and restoring the power of people’s paycheques,” said Lévesque.

The Bloc and Trudeau have formed a carbon tax coalition. They want to “radically raise” the tax. They’re not worth the cost. Only a common sense Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre will right this ship. We will put Canadians back in control of their lives by axing the carbon tax once and for all, building homes you can afford, and reining in inflationary deficit spending. Yves Lévesque will be a tremendous asset to the team and a strong advocate for the people of Trois-Rivieres.